How To Operate A Hot Glue Gun

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A hot glue gun is a portable device that works by melting hot glue sticks and dispensing the glue through a heated nozzle. Hot glue has the advantage of fast drying and its compatibility with a wide variety of materials than any other adhesive.

How to choose good Hot Glue Gun

There are hundreds of hot glue guns models on the market. According to this top of the best hot glue guns there are several options. For the industrial quality we offer AdTech 0189 Pro 200, if you are DIY enthusiast, Cobiz Hot Glue Gun is your choice. If you are planning to work with heavy-duty melt – you’ll like “BSTPOWER 2T High Temp”. If you need cordless one – take Ryobi P305 One+. LOADING THE HOT GLUE GUN

  • Go through the instruction manual

The manual should provide Information about the size of the glue stick needed, time required for the gun to heat up and the mode of heating up the gun; whether manual or automatic. The safety measures should also be read carefully to avoid accidents such as burning from the hot glue.

  • Ensure the gun has no defects

A malfunctioning hot glue gun can be very hazardous to use due to its heating and electrical components. One should check for any cracks or broken cords and fix them before use.

  • Free the nozzle from old glue

To ensure good flow of the hot glue, the nozzle hole should be free from any glue residue. This should be done by disconnecting the nozzle and cleaning it with a piece of aluminium foil.

  • Load the glue stick

The glue stick size should be as stated from the manual to ensure it fits in the circular opening at the back. The glue stick should be slid through the opening until it stops. The gun should only be loaded with a new glue stick if the previous one was fully used.

  • Plug the hot glue gun into an electrical circuit

The gun should start to heat up immediately on plugging the guns cord to the electrical source. The nozzle should not be touched at this stage as it starts to warm up. If accidental burns occur, one should directly dip the burnt part in ice cold water.


On sufficient melting of the glue, the nozzle should be aimed at the item to be glued and the trigger pulled gently until the glue emerges from the nozzle. One must regulate the amount of glue that comes out of the nozzle to avoid saturating the material with a lot of glue. On application the nozzle should be removed from the surface and the glue allowed to form a strong bond between the two surfaces. A clamp may come in handy to aid in the formation of the tight bond. 

With its wide variety of uses both at household and industrial level, a hot glue gun should be your favourite crafting tool and should be included in everyone toolkit.


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