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Carrie's Speech Corner
This game is on the website of a speech and language therapist. There are simple 3x3 bingo cards with pictures such as paint, scissors, and a backpack. Clicking on a link allows you to download six different boards as well as questions students must answer in order to mark the pictures.
Instant Bingo Card
This site presents eight different 5x5 bingo cards. The cards and the call list have both pictures and words printed. The list is cut on dotted lines to make cards you shuffle and select. Images include lockers, whiteboards, and rulers.

Bingo Card Creator
Bingo Card Creator has an alternative bingo game that covers what students did during vacation rather than what they experience in school. Each square has a simple full sentence, such as "I went fishing." There are eight boards and a call list.
Corkboard Creations
This bingo game is designed to help students learn about each other. You download two templates that they fill out. Students write the names of classmates on the bingo board. On the calling cards, students write three facts about themselves (e.g., a favorite song, city of birth). All the instructions for preparing the materials and playing the game are included.
Print-bingo Site
Here you create your own 5x5 bingo game. Three variations are possible: accepting the standard word list, using part of the word list plus your own terms, or inputting your own vocabulary. You determine the placement of words, font, card size, and column headers.

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